Ryanair proudly announced this week that it is opening a new winter base in Agadir. With this expansion, the low-cost carrier will plant two of its Boeing 737 aircraft at the Moroccan airport amid a $200 million investment.

Ryanair 737
Ryanair is taking another step forward with its expansion plans. Photo: Ryanair

Another base – but the first of its kind

The Irish outfit has an impressive portfolio. This year, it has over 80 bases under its wing. The number continues to rise with new bases opening. The airline just announced a new base in Turin, marking 16 bases in Italy. It also announced new sites in Zagreb and Stockholm Arlanda in recent months.

It’s not only Europe where the carrier is looking to increase its stronghold. The new opening in Agadir marks the first base in Africa. With the move, Agadir will see 16 new lines to seven European countries, helping passengers to connect to and from the likes of Brussels, Rome, Bologna, Dublin, Toulouse, Paris, and Porto. Overall, 55 flights will depart each week across a total of 25 lines.

With this announcement, Ryanair is offering fares from only €19.99 (​~$24) for trips until the end of March next year. Notably, these low prices are only available until midnight tonight.

Ryanair Agadir
The leadership of both Ryanair and Morocco are proud of the future base opening. Photo: Ryanair

Grand prospects

Altogether, there is outward excitement from the management of Ryanair and the Moroccan tourism board. The move will help travelers enjoy hotspots in both Europe and North Africa.

“We are delighted to open our new base in Agadir, which represents an investment of $200 million at Agadir airport, our third Moroccan base. We have enjoyed an excellent partnership with this airport since our very first flight from Agadir in 2008 and we are very happy to continue to grow in the region after 13 years of success,” Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson shared in a statement.

“With 25 destinations to choose from this winter, including 16 new lines, our passengers will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing their sunny winter vacation in Seville, Alicante or Naples or a city break in Bologna, Toulouse or Barcelona.

“As Morocco has the most effective vaccination campaign in Africa, we want to continue to support the economic recovery as well as the regional and international connectivity of Morocco and position Agadir as a leading winter destination, with superb hotels, restaurants, and more. golf courses in the new Taghazout Quarter.”

Moroccan National Tourist Office CEO Adel el Fakir highlighted how valuable this move is for Agadir. He is excited about improving connectivity in the area. He notes that the base will enable travelers from numerous markets to experience the area.

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Plenty on offer

Situated in the west of the nation, Agadir-Taghazout is a popular tourist destination due to its year-round sun and coastal positioning. Visitors can enjoy the Atlantic breeze amid the 10 km-long seafront. Meanwhile, there is a plethora of cafes, restaurants, yoga retreats, golf resorts, and surfing hotspots.

Agadir Ryanair
Morocco has been seen a lot of interest from Europe over the years amid its close proximity and the availability of reasonable fares. Photo: Ryanair

Ryanair isn’t the only airline recognizing the potential in Agadir. Several other carriers have ramped up their presence this year. Air France, Tap Air Portugal, S7, and Aeroflot have all announced new flights to the destination.

Altogether, there is plenty of untapped potential across Africa this decade. Carriers across the globe are preparing for expansions in the continent over the next few years. We often hear of full-service carriers scaling up their services to the region, but it also looks like LCCs are also keen to get a bigger slice of the pie.

What are your thoughts about Ryanair’s new base in Agadir? Do you think that this move will pay off for the low-cost carrier? Let us know what you think of the airline’s plans and prospects in the comment section.

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