Breaking: It appears that a Boeing 737 carrying cargo has crashed into the sea just off the coast of Honolulu. The aircraft involved is a 46-year-old Boeing 737-200 cargo plane, registered as N810TA. It is operated by Rhoades Aviation in Transair colors. Initial reports suggest that the aircraft was safely ditched, with both pilots already rescued.

Boeing 737, Hawaii, Air Crash
The aircraft involved in the incident pictured in front of an American Airlines plane. Photo: Aero Icarus via Flickr

What do we know so far?

As is usual shortly after an incident, the facts are fairly thin, but coming in fast. It seems that N810TA came down in the ocean just off of Hawaii shortly after takeoff. According to a tweet shared by Reuters’ David Shepardson, the FAA has confirmed the aircraft involved.

The aircraft made an emergency landing in the ocean at roughly 02:30 following engine trouble. It seems that there was not enough altitude to return to Honolulu, prompting the aircraft to ditch in the ocean. Two pilots were onboard the aircraft, it has been reported that both survived and have been rescued by the US coastguard.

Boeing 737, Hawaii, Air Crash
The aircraft ditched close to the Hololulu coast. Photo:

According to data from, the aircraft took off from Honolulu at 01:33 in the morning, with initial tracking data from the service showing that the aircraft reached a maximum altitude of just 2,125 feet having departed. The airline’s decent path looks fairly slow and steady, suggesting that the pilots were able to glide the aircraft down to the ocean in a controlled manner. Flight tracking data stops at around 01:45, with a final recorded altitude of 75 feet.

Boeing 737, Hawaii, Air Crash
The aircraft’s altitude and speed profile. Data:

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